About Us

SOMDIGIT LTD is a fast-growing provider of global ICT solutions.

SOMDIGIT LTD is a fast-growing provider of global ICT solutions. The Company began in 2011 in Mogadishu, Somalia. Our name is based on Digitizing Somalia, where we help clients to digitize, automate their business, as well as solving their business problems through ICT.

At SOMDIGIT, we carry a suite of comprehensive ICT solutions and professional IT services to offer our clients cutting
edge technologies required to succeed and support their business including full ICT Products and Solutions, IT Project Management, IT Consultation, and full Nationwide support and services coverage.
We have collaborative partners in Malaysia, China, and Kenya, where we implement our solutions

SOMDIGIT offers premium quality ICT solutions, spanning a variety range of services. Regardless of the business type or problem complexity, SOMDIGIT has a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals that can provide solutions that will take your company to the next level.

Our goal is to build a “Trusted Partnership” with our clients. We strive to implement and support your
business in any IT needs as possible to make sure your business stays operational and receives capital
returns on your investment in us.

Our Company Mission

SOMDIGIT’s mission is to help our clients achieve digital transformation for their businesses by providing reliable and affordable technology solutions

Our Company Mission

SOMDIGIT’s vision is to discover, develop and delivery world-class ICT solutions that will help companies to stay at the competitive edge of their market