Financial Technology (FINTECH) Services

The Financial Services Industries such as Banks are becoming more focused on more and more about innovation and digital Transformation, SOMDIGIT is here to help you reach your strategic goals and provide financial institutions, banking, insurance, wealth Management with State-of-the-Art Technology Solutions and financial Software development.

SOMDIGIT Provides comprehensive consulting services, financial services software engineering together with key technology acceleration solutions to gear up for fintech software development consumer-oriented services. In a Complete FINTECH ecosystem, from Ideas to realization and deployment, our Experts will provide you end-to-end experience including architecture, customer experience and Service Management.

Our Features

Everything You’ll Need

Payment Gateway

We specialize in online and in-app payments focusing on consumer centered experience and security

Mobile Banking

We work with banks to digitize their customer solutions experience and simplify financial operations

Core Banking Solutions

We work banks to manage risks and enhance security with innovative technologies, core banking support

Cheque Processing and Clearance Systems

We provide cheque clearing solutions to clearance houses and banking, fast and efficient.